The Older Persons Committee

The care, protection and development of our Older Persons are fundamental to rebuilding the social fabric and perpetuating the belief and practice of sound and appropriate values and traditions.

Rapid urbanization and rising moral decline are constantly eroding the form and function of the family as we knew it. Single parent- and child- and grandparent-headed families are more-and-more the norm in a society plagued with escalating poverty and social ills, including HIV and AIDS, substance abuse, domestic violence and sexual abuse, amongst others. The extended family system is no longer intact, and the pressures brought to bear on the nuclear family and other family types are not always manageable without the support of external intervention.

The Older Persons’ Support Programme seeks to advance the rights of our Older Women, while ensuring that they continue to play meaningful roles within Intergenerational Programmes and other activities.

During August 2006, in honour of Women’s Month, SAWID and the Isigodlo Trust , in collaboration with the Spousal Support office in the Presidency, launched a program in both Alexandra and Durban to ensure that the needs of the elderly are taken care of in a sustainable manner by mobilising the support of various stakeholders.